We love our carts, and we are sure you’ll love them too. In order for us to keep them running smooth and to ensure our great level of service we do have a few policies that we ask everyone to follow:

  • Only drivers with a valid driver license can rent our golf carts
  • A valid drivers license must be carried at all times by the driver when using the cart
  • A 50% down payment is due upon reservation
  • In the event of a cancellation there will be a 15% deduction of the reserved rate
  • An open credit card imprint will be taken upon arrival for security reasons and in the event of accidental damages or injuries
  • All carts are provided with a full tank of gas and should be returned with a full tank. A 10% surcharge will be applied to carts returned without a full tank.
  • Insurance is for hurricane, fire and theft and third party accidents only. If you crash into another golf cart, you will be required to incur all damage costs and the insurance company will pay for the other cart’s damages. In the event that somebody crashes into you, they are liable for the damages, however you are required by law to file a police report
  • Please NO drinking and driving
  • Please NO driving on the airport runway.
  • Please NO parking in front of the Tropic Air arrival or departure terminals
  • Please NO parking within less than 30 feet from all street corners in town
  • Please NO more then FOUR (4) Persons on a Four (4) Seater Golf Cart. Having more than 4 persons on a cart can result in damage to the cart and the cart being taken away.
  • Please DO NOT park on the left hand side of Pescador Drive
  • Please DO NOT park on the right hand side of the back street
  • Please DO NOT park in a taxi zone

By following these policies you ensure yourself a safe and comfortable driving experience in San Pedro and allow us to continue to provide the high level of service we wish to offer to all our customers. Thank you!